Transgender Women Breast Augmentation

Top surgery for trans women is a similar, though not identical, procedure to female breast augmentation. Short scars are the rule here becaus trans women never acquire the aged breast tissue that occurs in postpartum breasts and subsequently has to be lifted to look better. Also, the trans women patient often has broader shoulders, thicker pecs, and a wider ribcage, so we select implant options that span the added width of the chest. The male chest lacks breast tissue over the breastbone (sternum) and even with implants, the breasts may not achieve a close, full cleavage. Thus, we often will enhance “mother nature” by using fat grafting to tighten up the cleavage. In MTF breast augmentation, the size of the breasts is as important as the broadness of the breasts. The position of the breasts on top of or somewhat below the pectoral muscles is as important as the amount of drooping of the breasts. The amount of muscle bulk is as important as the fullness of the fat layer under the skin. Believe it or not, the right side of the ribcage is curved differently from the left side of the ribcage in most people and should be considered. Variations also exist in the size of the nipple and the size of the areola. The elastic nature of the skin is highly variable. Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg considers skin characteristics, fatty firmness, relationships of the breasts to the chest, patient desires and goals before developing a customized approach for each client. Visit our photo gallery to see Dr. Lincenberg’s breast augmentation work for transgender women.


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