Most rhinoplasty (nose jobs) are performed to make the nose appear more feminine and defined on the face. For our transgender clients, rhinoplasty can play a major role in the development of a more feminine face. 

The majority of Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg’s cases are adolescent girls and women who feel that their profile has a bump, their tip lacks definition, or that the nose is too big or wide. They want a smaller, more feminine nose without any sign of surgery. Over the years, Dr. Lincenberg has learned how important it is to listen to his patients and understand what they want to achieve.

At the initial consultation, the patient is given a mirror and asked to identify the things that bother them the most about their nose. These desired changes become the foundation of the operative plan which Dr. Lincenberg uses to achieve their objectives. Each operation is individualized to the specific patient which leads to a higher satisfaction rate and a lower revision rate.