FTM Chest Contouring

Female to male chest contouring is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed for transgender men who are transitioning, and who would like their physical appearance to resemble the gender that they identify with.

What is FTM Top Surgery Called?

While this procedure is commonly known as FTM top surgery, it is known in the medical community as subcutaneous mastectomy. It also is sometimes referred to as a masculinizing chest surgery.

The FTM chest contouring procedure is a highly-customized cosmetic surgery, largely because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to transitioning. There are various options available to you, and Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg will work closely with you to identify your goals for the procedure and to create a surgical plan that will provide you with natural-looking results that complement your body type.

Chest Contouring Before and After

If you are considering this procedure, you will want to review chest contouring before and after images. These images will give you a realistic idea of what is possible with this innovative cosmetic surgery procedure.

As you view our before/after gallery, you will notice a variety of scar patterns, fat preservation and pectoral definition used, depending on factors specific to the patient. However, all can result in a harmonious and natural contour of the chest to the rest of the body.

FTM Top Surgery Types

The chest contouring surgery is a versatile procedure that can be customized to suit the needs of the individual patient. There are several FTM chest contouring surgery types, and Dr. Lincenberg will evaluate your personal preferences, your health history and your natural features in order to determine which of the follow FTM top surgery types is right for you.

Scarless Top Surgery

Scarless top surgery is requested most often by transgender men who are interested in this surgery procedure. This type of FTM chest contouring surgery is preferred because of the fact that there is minimal scarring after the fact. Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg performs the scarless top surgery by making a small, discrete initial incision and using a precise surgical technique in order to complete the work. This FTM top surgery procedure is the best option for transgender men who have a smaller chest and whose skin has retained much of its elasticity.

Lollipop Top Surgery

The lollipop top surgery procedure, which is sometimes referred to as the comma procedure, is another popular FTM chest contouring type. During this procedure, the surgeon will make an incision around the areola in order to begin the procedure. In some cases, the incision extends slightly downward, in the shape of a comma. This procedure type is best for patients who have minimal breast tissue and a limited amount of excess skin.

Double Incision Procedure

This procedure is offered to patients with significant amounts of tissue and skin that require removal, as well as repositioning and reducing the nipple and areola. The incision is designed to be along the lower breast edge.

Anchor Procedure

This procedure is reserved for clients that have very large breasts with minimal hanging of the breasts. It is rarely recommended.

Liposuction or Chest-Plasty

Liposuction is an integral part of the chest contouring procedure. It is used to reduce the thickness of the fat layer surrounding the breast. If the fat is extreme, the liposuction may be carried onto the back. If the fat forms a hanging roll, a chest-plasty may be recommended to achieve a smooth result.

Pectoral Implants/Pectoral Fat Transfer

Some patients want added bulk to their pectoral muscles for a more manly appearance. Fat grafting into and behind the muscles is preferred to the placement of a silicone implant behind the muscles. Fat grafts are your living fat cells and result in the most natural look and feel. Silicone implants are firmer than breast implants. Some downsides to them are that they can slip out of position even years later and there is always a risk of later illness leading to an infection around the implant.

Benefits of FTM Chest Surgery

Transitioning is an experience that can be simultaneously daunting and empowering. The FTM chest contouring procedure can provide you with the physical appearance that you crave, and can allow you to finally feel comfortable in your own body.

Patients who have had the female to male chest surgery have found that they have experienced:

  • Improved confidence. After the procedure is complete, patients feel more comfortable in their own skin, and they feel more confident expressing who they truly are.
  • Mental and emotional improvements. The physical changes that take place after this surgery alleviate many of the mental and emotional pains that come along with the process of transitioning.
  • Decreased depression rates. Transgender men are at a high risk of developing depression, but this procedure can help reduce the risk of depression because it gives patients the physical assurance that they need to feel good about who they are — both inside and outside.
  • Increased feelings of self-worth. There is nothing more empowering than loving the way that you look, and feeling that you can showcase your true self to everyone around you. This surgery offers more than just cosmetic improvements — it validates who you are and who you want to become.

Procedure Costs

The price of the FTM chest contouring procedure varies significantly based on the type of procedure that is performed. For more information about how much it would cost for you to have FTM top surgery, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg.


When performed by an experienced and empathetic cosmetic surgeon, there are minimal risks associated with the FTM chest contouring procedure.

However, as with any surgery, there are some risks to be aware of, such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Complications with anesthesia
  • Scarring
  • Imbalanced chest tissue


What Our Patients Are Saying

"I had FTM top surgery with Dr.Lincenberg. I have no complaints at all. The staff was amazing and made me feel very welcome. Dr.Lincenberg was very nice and made me feel very comfortable, my results are better than I could’ve ever dreamed! I would definitely recommend him to everyone!"

FTM Chest Contouring FAQs

Will there be scarring from this procedure?

There is some scarring associated with the FTM chest contouring surgery, but Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg makes an effort to minimize visible scarring whenever possible. The location of your scar will vary depending on the FTM top surgery type that is used for your procedure.

How long is the FTM chest contouring recovery period?

The initial recovery from this procedure lasts for about two weeks, during which time you should focus on resting and healing. You should also avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous activities for at least four to six weeks.

Can breasts grow back after top surgery?

No, once the breast tissue is removed during the FTM top surgery procedure, it cannot grow back.

Should I lose weight for top surgery?

No, you are not required to lose weight prior to top surgery, but the FTM top surgery type that is used may depend on your weight and the amount of breast tissue that you have. Keep in mind that if you do lose excess weight prior to surgery, it can help speed up your recovery process.

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