Meet the Staff

Your patient experience will be a superb one at the Trans Top Surgery Center because our staff is trained to follow our OCEAN philosophy of customer satisfaction where we aim to over-exceed client expectations from the moment you step foot into our practice. Whether you’re arriving for an initial consultation, or whether you need to learn more about the procedures and treatments before making a commitment, we have the innovative patient tools, knowledgeable staff, and the expertise offered by our Mayo Clinic-trained, double-board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon to make you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Arriving at our office you will be greeted by front desk coordinator Kendra who has worked in the plastic surgery/dermatology field for more than 10 years. Medical assistant/nurse Vera has been with Georgia Plastic Surgery for more than 10 years. Our patient coordinator Kerry has more than 25 years of plastic surgery and previously worked with practices in Beverly Hills. Julie has been our office manager for more than 5 years.